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I am the drummer of Lovell's Blade, NembrionicMaggie & The JAR, Thin White Duke, bass player in Painkiller (Judas Priest Tribute) and hired gun of a couple of pop and tribute bands. I love to perform on stage, but also love to record and produce any type of music like pop, rock, metal. I built this studio at home in my garage in 2018 and optimized it soundwise. Despite the studio being only 10 square meters, a 16 track live acoustic drum recording is very easy to do. With a little creativity a 4-piece band would also work. It is air conditioned and we have good coffee too!

Noel van Eersel



Working station:

DAW controller:


Monitor system:

Audio interface:



Guitar/bass amp/cab:



Midi keyboard:


Mac mini (2018, i7 6-core, 32GB, 1TB)

Tascam US-2400 (DAW Controller with 25 Moving Faders)

Logic Pro X  &  Adobe Audition

Yamaha NS-10m Studio + Alesis RA300 amp, Focal Alpha 50m & Presonus Central Station plus

Tascam US 16x08 (16 channel 24 bit / 96kHz interface with Ultra-HDDA mic preamps)

Tascam US 16x08 Ultra HDDA 10 channel mic pre , Mackie Onyx 800r 8 channel


HeadRush MHE FRFR-112, HeadRush MX5 amp/cab/IR-modeller (check out all the models), Box of Doom 2.0 (isolated speaker cab with a G12 Vintage30 Celestion speaker) Click here to watch demo video

a variety (all official licened) such as FabfilterSolid State Logic, Slate Digital All Acces, Steven Slate drums, Melodyne, Synchro Art, Oeksound, Waves, Toontrack, Izotope, Wavesfactory, ML Sound Lab, a couple of guitar amp/cab sims like TH-U Slate Edition, Headrush MX5, STL Tones, Audio Assault & much more...

HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO, Levels 2.0

M-audio Keystation 61

a variety of Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and AKG

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